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Attorney Viveiros has been representing clients for over 20 years and has the experience in a variety of practice areas, which allows her to advise clients with overlapping and complex issues. Understanding that each client’s case is unique, Veronica is attentive to the details and keeps clients apprised with regard to choices, timelines, and the progress of their case or project.


Discover experienced legal support across purchase and sale agreements, landlord tenant matters and condominium law. From transactions and document review to negotiations of terms and transference of titles, you will find trusted guidance for all your real estate matters.


Create a plan for the future that helps protect you and helps your loved ones through life's unanticipated events. A well drafted plan honors your wishes for asset allocation, keeps your family's affairs running smoothly and supports health care choices.


Make sure estate administration is handled properly and find the guidance you need to navigate the probate process. During an emotionally difficult time, you can find the support you need for all probate matters, distributions to beneficiaries and trustee guidance.

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